ONE Model CDI Program

Jocelyn E. Murray

Autumn is right around the corner, but don’t FALL for it – all CDI Programs are not created equal! ComforceHealth’s ONE Model CDI program is ahead of the game, and we are in the process of rolling it out nationwide.

A true need for CDI accuracy and integrity spans across all healthcare settings. Documentation of quality care along with acuity capture are a vital part of the transitional setting as is risk management insight; all are necessary for value-based reimbursement models.

Does your team have a clear understanding of how to effectively transition from outpatient to inpatient care delivery, and the necessary documentation required to obtain coding accuracy? A CDI program focused primarily on DRG review can be detrimental. Today’s Accountable Care reimbursement models require a shift in thinking and an expansion beyond traditional practices to a more holistic approach. Are you utilizing a LEAN FTE practice approach that encompasses process analysis in areas such as the ED, Observation, Surgery, and Provider Practices? If not, it’s time to move to a new CDI model of practice.

What is ONE Model? It’s a proprietary program that will integrate, not recreate, an existing CDI program process; it enhances all measures to better meet today’s CDI requirements, addressing both inpatient and outpatient areas of practice. ONE Model provides the insight and framework for a successful transition to an outpatient CDI program and focuses on the lean practice model. It enhances the knowledge base of the current CDI staff through a transition rather than reinventing a separate and new OP CDI team. Before you access resources to expand the CDI FTE taskforce, or venture into costs for additional education training and software, let us assess current team productivity and ROI data analytics.

In a brief period of time, our consultative practice approach will identify your program strengths as well as the areas of opportunity. We will help to reallocate current resources and create a more secure incoming practice revenue, while also promoting a very collaborative team approach that’s rewarding!

ONE Model:

- Enhanced CDI Insight

- Quality performance indicated reimbursement

- RISK Adjustment (HCC capture)

- Population Health: best practice, lower cost, transparency reporting

- Proactive vs. Reactive Clinical Validation, and NO software required!

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